Over the past days I have been busy building this shop and getting all the prints ready! Very exiting! At this moment I’m planning to launch my first set of 10 Fine Art Prints, that will be printed on Fine Art paper and will have an amazing look! So be ready! They will be totally affordable, as art should be affordable for everyone! I love creating these happy abstract prints, landscapes of my mind, in mixed media. I’ve been uploading them all on my Instagram feed as well as Facebook, to maximise the range of viewers. I believe all homes should have their walls filled with happy and meaningful art! Something that speaks to your hear and makes you feel elevated, when looking. Something that will create pleasant memories for your children, remembering the happy and colourful walls, of their childhood!

Of course, if you don’t find something that you are looking for, in the products that I’m offering, please feel free to get in touch! I will also look into printing unto canvas and perhaps some other materials.

Here are the main works I’ll be selling!

Dreams and Visions - Original Fine Art Colorful Abstract Print

Happy Moments - Set of 4 Fine Art Prints

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